Le Rosier Évêque

(anteriore al 1790)


This is one of the oldest of the gallica roses, with a very upright habit and bright green foliage. Originally it was named "Rosa gallica purpureo-violacea magna", and in fact, its very double, flat blooms are magenta-red fading to violet. Lightly scented. One-time bloomer.Shade and drought resistant.

Mixing the names of the rose would be royal purple, cockade and matle of a bishop. Only this could be a first attempt to describe this strong coloured yet intense rose, powerful, a mix of spiritual and secular power. Other names are in fact''coccarde pourpre''(royal purple cockade)and manteau pourpre'': the velvety dark, amethyst mantle of the petals, and cockade like perfect shape of the rose.


cm 160x100


  • colour: magenta
  • flower type: double
  • fragrance: slight
  • rebloom: none
  • habit: bushy
  • Size of the plant: medium

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