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Introduction to the rose catalogue

After nearly 20 years since the nursery opened, the rose collection now features more than 1,000 varieties.
The Rosa Gallica group is particularly rich, and no less plentiful are all the groups of historic and botanical roses for the cultivation of which the nursery was started.
Constantly growing is also the group of modern roses, both shrub and climbing. The search for new hybrids is hectic and every year many new varieties are marketed, with characteristics not always complying with the breeders' statements. That is why we will keep on testing them and assessing their aesthetic value, resistance to disease and, not least, scent.
The collection remains dynamic also thanks to the help of enthusiastic friends and serious collectors, with whom we gladly share information and vegetative material.
The rose garden on the farm is continuously expanding and being integrated so as to enable you, on the occasion of your visits, to admire the varieties in their full development and evaluate a possible suitable position for them in your garden.
(Anna Maria Sgarabottolo)

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