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From the very beginning, alongside the rose collection, our nursery has developed other plant species and varieties that well combine with roses in gardens.
Over the years varied flowers collections have grown : Paeonia, Hydrangea, Wisteria, Syringa, Philadelphus, Clematis.

The last two are excellent companions for climbing and shrub roses, as well as for many other plants, due to their own characteristics, such as shape, colour, posture, flowering time and, in some cases, scent. Some species such as the clematis montana, flammula, paniculata, tangutica, and all large flowering varieties are well suited to growing on arches, arbours, pergolas and fences, as well as on trunks of old trees. Nearly all of them combine supremely with climbing roses: medium flowering plants, herbaceous ones included, may be embedded in large shrubs, others are successfully used in mixed borders.

The continuous search for new species and varieties has led to a present collection of 180 varieties in cultivation.
Hence the need to offer our customers a fully illustrated catalog, with uses and descriptions of the single varieties to help them in the choice most suitable for their own gardens. We have done our best to propose images in faithful colours; yet very few of them may not conform to the original images for technical reasons. We wish we could share our fondness for flowers, and in this way contribute to increasing sensitivity towards simplicity, beauty and harmony.

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