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Our passion

The nursery was founded in 1995 with the production and sale of a modest collection of antique roses.

Over the years, through a work of study and research, the rose collection has never ceased to grow. The collaboration of scholars, collectors and keen rose-growers has been central to both the recognition and the introduction into the collection of almost enxtinct varieties.

The rose collection is constantly evolving: more than 1000 varieties, both antique and modern, are currently being grown; among the latter, the most resistant and fragrant varieties are especially selected.

Roses are grown on the farm, on land not previously used for nursery practice: this is a guarantee of higher quality.

The farm also displays collections of garden shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

Among all, the vast collection of clematis stands out, which includes about 180 varieties of herbaceous plants, shrubs and vines. Clematis are great companions for roses, and the two plants grow in perfect harmony with each other.

It is still a bet, and our commitment continues in the hope it will help you keep this beautiful passion alive.

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