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    After checking the remaining roses in pot and the roses in the field that will be removed in November with bare root, we made the trolley operational. NOW YOU CAN BOOK ROSE


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Vivaio La Campanella | Rose da collezione

Welcome to our new website

We are trying to adapt our activity to the innovations of technology and this is our first step. You will find new ways to buy your roses and you will be able to book them largely ahead of time. We have also changed our images and the colours of the site to express all the royalty and elegance of our strongest point: antique roses.

Our collection grows every year through a continuous research that is done to enrich our catalogue.

We have gorgeous roses with beautiful shapes, consistency of petals and unique fragrances. Antique roses are gorgeous in gardens as well: they create lovely bushes to admire throughout the entire year.

Our love for antique roses does not stop us from taking care of our large and expanding collection of modern roses, both bushy and climbing. They are chosen between the varieties created by different Italian and European hybridizers.

Research for new varieties is sometimes hectic and not all of what we find is worthy. For this reason we keep evaluating new roses from the aesthetic point of view, according to their resistance to pathogens and, last but not least, for their fragrance.

This year it will be twenty years since our nursery has started researching, producing and growing roses. Along with the roses, our nursery has a large collection of clematis with 150 varieties between climbing, bushy and herbaceous flowers.

We hope that this change will meet your favour and will keep your passion for our roses alive.

Should you have any observation of suggestion to make to us we would be glad to hear it at info@vivaiolacampanella.com or through our Facebook page.

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