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Thanks for choosing us!

Almost 30 years have passed since we started this adventure with the love that has always tied us to the earth, plants and roses in particular.

Over time we have collected a collection of a thousand varieties, looking above all among the ancient and botanical roses for the possible protagonists of your gardens, with their perfumes, their colors, their elegance in their bearing and their poetry.

We have always been attentive to the quality of the product by providing you with strong, but never forced, plants that could easily adapt to transplanting.

We can say that we have sown beauty in the gardens of those who have chosen us.

So we feel we have established a strong bond with you in these years, because there is a little bit of our love in your gardens. Each of your telling us about the planting of one of our squads was a reason for emotion and satisfaction for us. Grateful for all this, we decided to end the production of the roses and their sale.

We will focus on keeping our beautiful rose garden alive, the result of work and experience, which we will still enrich and which you can always visit.

We want to offer our technical advice for the care of your gardens, organize new pruning courses and increase our rose pruning service.

This site, so well thought out and improved over time thanks to your advice, will remain navigable as a tool for consultation and comparison.

If you have any comments or suggestions to submit, write to us on our Facebook page!

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